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FlightAware ADS-B. 29K likes. FlightAware operates a worldwide network of ADS-B and Mode S receivers that track ADS-B or Mode S equipped aircraft flying around the globe.

AIS stands for Automatic Identification System and is used by ships to broadcast their GPS locations in order to help avoid collisions and aide with rescues. An RTL-SDR with the right software can be used to receive and decode these signals, and plot ship positions on a map.
SDRplay Limited has announced the launch of a new Software Defined Radio product – the RSP1A. The SDR-play RSP1A is a major upgrade to the popular RSP1 and is a powerful wideband full featured 14-bit SDR which covers the RF spectrum from 1 kHz to 2GHz.
Aug 06, 2018 · DX-Patrol MK4 SDR Receivers are ultra-wideband general coverage receivers using the newest digital radio technology. Their freeware software allows experimenters, Radio Amateurs and SWL enthusiasts to customize their own applications Find DX-Patrol MK4 SDR Receivers DX-PATROLMK4 and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over $99 at DX Engineering!
Préampli LNA VHF-UHF BIAS-T pour HackRF AirSpy SDRPlay . Pré-amplificateur et filtre LNA (passe-bas) spécialement adapté pour fonctionner avec le mode BIAS-T du HackRF One, AirSpy, SDRPlay et les clés RTL-SDR V3. Il permet d'augmenter très nettement les
Rtl2832u Software Defined Radio. 4,075 likes · 4 talking about this. DVB-T dongles based on the Realtek RTL2832U can be used as a cheap SDR, since the chip allows transferring the raw I/Q samples to...
Boas novas pessoal, neste post irei fazer um verdadeiro "upgrade", sobre a questão de como utilizar o RTL-SDR como Panadapter do Icom IC-706/MKII/MKIIG. Em um post anterior, expliquei como explorar os sinais da FI de 69 MHz do Icom IC-706, porém na ocasião utilizei o software SDR# fixado na frequência de 69.015 MHz, não tendo…
RadioWorld.co.uk is the number one source for Marine Base or Boat Antenna. For more details visit us or call us today at 01922 414 796.
Jun 19, 2016 · SDRuno is the new name for the RSP compatible version of Studio1. SDRuno contains native support for the SDRplay RSP and no extra plugins are required. Third party hardware can also be supported via the ExtIO interface, but with reduced functionality. SDRuno provides a rugged, flexible and high performance SDR receiver capability and boasts some excellent features
A software-defined radio (SDR) is a wireless device that typically consists of a configurable RF front end with an FPGA or programmable system-on-chip (SoC) to perform digital functions.
$99: The SDRplay RSP1A. When you invest a modest $99 US (or $120 shipped), and purchase the RSP1A, you take a major step forward in the SDR world. UK-based SDRplay is an SDR designer and manufacturer that focuses on enthusiast-grade, budget wideband SDRs.
Now, plug in the dongle and run the following command to test out rtl-sdr: rtl_sdr capture.bin -s 1.8e6 -f 392e6 Ctrl-C the program after a second or so. If you saw no errors, you should see a file named capture.bin in your current directory.
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  • May 05, 2018 · The second is a standard whip + RTL stick (China) @ 3m (side of the house), the third is an SDRplay RSP2 (overkill for this purpose) with a 5/8 Kathrein for 144MHz @ 4m (other side of the house). The interesting thing is that the RSP2 gets a very high message rate compared to the other feeds.
  • TZT PortaPack H2 3.2" Touch Screen 0.5PPM TCXO Clock For HackRF One SDR Transceiver (Expansion Board) Features: 66496 - With sound input and output function (ADC, DAC) - With TF card slot (storage data, playback data, frequency management) - Comes with TCXO high-precision clock (0.5ppm), the frequency is as accurate as the radio - New firmware automatically switches the external TCXO (you can ...
  • On Dec 21, 2017, at 10:17, david <[email protected]> wrote: Hello experienced users, Back in the distant past, there was a good manual for Version 1.5, but I got
  • SDRplay's live webinars continue this weekend. Today (Saturday May ... 2nd 1700 UTC) join our regular Zoom workshop where today we'll be looking at setting up for WSJT-X reception and taking your Q&A. Tomorrow (Sunday May 3rd 1700 UTC) and we'll be demonstrating SDRuno for use with RTL-SDR dongles, again taking Q&A via YouTube chat.
  • This video demonstrates the new simplified GNU radio SDRplay workflow-for-Windows. With ready made source blocks for any RSP device, the end result is a powerful teaching or development tool for...

SDRplay RSP1A Bias T doesn't work in GNU Radio Hello, I'm using SDRplay RSP1A receiver that's connected to Nooelec SAWbird+ GOES LNA that's supposed to be powered up by Bias T. When I set "BiasT" to "True" in "RSP1A Source" block, nothing changes, and LNA's LED doesn't light up.

The antenna works very well on my AIS system (APRS for ships) and yields simplex signals from 80+ Kms away regularly. It is mounted about 16 feet above ground near sea level. Due to my location, I have no real plans to use it for transmitting (I use a beam to get to the repeaters).
RTL-SDR dongles do 2 MHZ, SDRPlay 10-ish, set a good contrast and waterfall speed with the HackRF and get 20 MHz of frequencies. If your LCD TV was hard enough to manoevre up the stairs, you got the right display. It's the perfect box next to an SDRPlay: tune 117-137, 155-175 or 440-460, see a faint trace, use the SDRPlay to get that signal. Jan 07, 2016 · The SDRPlay also includes a builtin LNA amplifier with 20db of gain which helps to make the SDRPlay a very capable receiver for use on the satellite bands with the appropriate antenna. The sampling rate can be adjusted from 200kHz to 8MHz which is pretty impressive for a SDR receiver in this price range. Apr 25, 2018 · Win4IcomSuite supports the SDRPlay RSP1, RSP1A and RSP2. Works with all the of the Icom radios. Bandwidth up to 1.8MHz. Transmit receive switch is required for the IC-7300 and an antenna splitter for others

AIS stands for Automatic Identification System, and is used in the marine industry to broadcast vessel GPS coordinates to one another to work as a collision avoidance radar system. With the correct software and an RTL-SDR, nearby boat AIS broadcasts can be received and the boat GPS coordinates plotted on a map.

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SDRPlay RSP and to SDR- onsole. Major hanges to existing sections will be in RED Hardware Driver Step 1. Firstly visit SDRPlay.com and click on the platforms tab and select windows. We are about to download the Windows API software, this is the hardware driver for your RSP, so that windows will recognize the RSP. If you